Showreel (2011)

Shot breakdown:

De Blob 2:
Modelled and textured the control tower exterior.
Modelled and rigged the stool for animation.
Modelled and rigged the Gradianiser (machine that puts the suit on the Raydian).
Modelled 80% of the graydian shell from place holder prop.
Modelled the tacks running up the side of the control tower.
Modelled the hand puppets.
Textured the transformed control tower.
Modelled the interior of the space station.
Modelled and rigged the airlock doors.
Prepared and rigged the floor to open up.
Finalised models of the solar panels, arm braces and air mask.
Modelled the control panel with the big red button.
Modelled the large roller coaster, created lights for other rides, modelled background buildings along with sideshow prizes and balloons.
Setup shaders on the Rubik’s Cube.

Kid Adventures: Sky Captain:

Island 1:
Modelled and UV’d the mountain ranges.
Built the base island before all the features were added.
Modelled and UV’d the canyons and rivers.

Island 2:
Designed the layout of the island.
Modelled and UV’d the main landmass with the exception of the volcano.
Modelled and UV’d all cave systems and canyons.
Created the lighting rig for the entire level.
Oversaw the final art and lighting pass.

Island 3:
Modelled owl features.
Modelled and UV’d the observatory.
Placed all trees and buildings.
Created lighting rig for the entire level.
Oversaw the final art and lighting pass.

Figaro Pho:
Modelled all props from concept.

Ironman Helmet:
Modelled from reference images from the movie.

Stargate Helmet Concept:
Modelled and inspired from concept by user NFUCHS from zbrush central.

Un-named Game:
A level being built by myself and other game artists between work and life commitments.
Just a couple of floor textures applied to flat planes.